FMC Advisors New Business Concept

From Legal Advice to Environmental

“When you’re as visible and accountable as Shell, you need advisors intimate with your external environment, sensitive to your culture and unafraid to question you. this requires uncompromising intellectual integrity.”

Niel Golightly, Vice President, Downstream Communications, Shell

With a client base that included 75% of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (as ranked by the Global 100), FMC Law was in the unique position of being able to provide counsel and guidance in this new and increasingly important arena. The firm’s background in corporate law gave them a strong knowledge of the legislation, policy and governance of Corporate Sustainability, while their intimate relationships as trusted advisors to high level client executives gave them unparalleled access to detailed information to move this type of initiative forward.

While other national law firms were creating efforts like measuring their carbon footprint and becoming “green businesses”, those efforts were purely internally focused. We felt the need to come up with something that was more impactful, while creating an avenue for revenue generation.

With that, FMC Advisors was born. This new division of FMC Law is completely devoted to Corporate Sustainability.

A new brand was created with an unexpected video roll-out. The effort was also something that would set FMC apart from all of the other national firms. Better still, it offered the firm an opportunity to take a stance that would help not only their bottom line, but extend to the global resources – both environmental and human – that we all share.

From a marketing perspective, this was pure gold. After all…

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek, Public Speaker, How Great Leaders Inspire Action.