IHG® Canada’s

Game Changing Advantage

Understanding that travelling sports teams account for a large portion of attainable business, our client realized that enabling their hotels to cater to these groups needed to be a top priority. With that in mind, they approached Faren to set out to create a suite of documents including proposals, contracts, agreements, advertisements and more that would promote the hotels as the go-to destination for sports teams.


Logo development conveyed the feeling of the program within the structure of the IHG brand but with it’s own distinct personality. The symbol in the logo represents: action, sport, activity as well as shelter in the form of a roof, disguised as the legs.

7445-Game-Changing-Advantage-Logo-Outlines-vF_white 7445-Game-Changing-Advantage-Logo-Outlines-FR-vF-white

The Hub

A digital property was put into place enabling individual hotels to download the suite of documents and tools; bolstered to include step-by-step guides and information on the program. On the corporate side of the fold, every download was trackable by hotel, brand, document name or any combination of the three.


Customizable Ads

Individual hotel customization was an important part of the package allowing the hotels the ability to advertise their individual variants of the IHG® Game Changing Advantage Program. To achieve this goal, we created editable, fully customizable PDF sell sheets in each brand. These sell sheets enable the user to edit the benefits and contact information that appear on the sell sheet, making it a turn-key advertising solution for each hotel.


Closing Documents

The closing documents comprise the actual useable documents that hotels will modify to cater to their guests’ needs. Templates including custom menus, contracts, proposals, thank-you letters and more are set up in MS Word using locked form fields to maintain consistency across properties while still providing the customizable fields that the hotels need.In the end, each hotel had a total of 21 documents available to them.


Sports Tracking System

The tremendous success of the program, tracked by way of the downloaded documents on the sports microsite, lead to a second phase of the project that was not originally included within the scope. Accurate revenue and room-nights-booked would determine the true success and, with that, the Sports Tracking System (STS) was born.


The concept of the STS was that each individual hotel would have a place to enter their sports revenue for the purposes of tracking and reporting internally. The data that was entered would be graphed and displayed as both cumulative and month-over-month results. The STS remains highly active and has ended up being the go-to place for hotels to report success up the internal hotel reporting chain. While the STS was a great tool for the hotels, the true use of the STS was for IHG Corporate to track overall national program success. To accomplish this, each hotel’s cumulative and month-over-month results were fed up to the corporate interface where corporate marketing managers could then filter the data by date, brand, province and city to rate success and perform ongoing optimizations to the program as it matured. Overall, the IHG® Game Changing Advantage Program, together with the Sports Microsite and Sports Tracking System, has changed the way that IHG Corporate Sales and Marketing enables their hotels to sell and market individual properties… and the results are right there, down to the penny.