Annual Report

YWS Impact Report 2013/14

Youth Without Shelter

While Youth Without Shelter spends the majority of their time helping disadvantaged youth, they have struggles of their own. Like most charitable organizations, one of the most prominent challenges is funding. To help relieve some of that burden, year after year, we offer our services at no cost. This year we were honoured with the opportunity to design the Shelter’s 2014 Impact Report.

For homeless youth, the biggest hurdles that they face everyday can be the things that, for everyone else, may seem small – getting in touch with a friend, going to school or your next meal. To really drive the point home, we came up with a visual metaphor: tiny people coping in a huge world.


Thanks to the generosity of award winning photographer David Krovblit, that metaphor was brought to life. We worked with youth from the shelter and directed photo shoots all over the city – in stores, back alleys and transit stops.

We pushed the big idea even further by bringing in another item that’s small but important: fine print – the smallest type on a page but typically some of the most critical and, for our purposes, a great way to handle the typography.

Since no part of this project was traditional in any sense of the word, simply adding a PDF of the print report to the website would fall short. In keeping with our nature, we decided to go that extra mile and create a responsive website. After all, even the smallest screens can deliver the biggest messages – see what we did there?

Thanks to Youth Without Shelter for allowing us the freedom to be creative and do our part to make an impact on this issue.

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