Annual Report

YWS Impact Report 2014/15

Youth Without Shelter

Youth Without Shelter is a charitable organization dedicated to helping homeless youth. We are fortunate to work closely with YWS to create and produce an annual report focusing on the impact YWS has on homeless youth in Toronto.

Through our work with YWS, we’ve come to understand uncertainty and instability are characteristics of youth homelessness in Toronto. This year we wanted to convey this truth in a creative way by bringing to life a visual metaphor: the house of cards.


Working with award winning photographer David Krovblit we were able to bring to life the house of cards metaphor in a compelling way. By creatively demonstrating the fragility of life for homeless youth, we were able to deliver a narrative of the challenges homeless youth in Toronto face.


Honouring the role YWS plays in reducing the fragility of life for homeless youth, we decided to pay homage to this truth through a responsive website. With a responsive website, we were able to provide greater accessibility to the report by reducing the incompatibility between the content and devices. This means that anyone anywhere could access this insightful report.

Thanks to Youth Without Shelter for allowing us the freedom to creatively express the work you do and to have an impact on this important issue. Visit the site at